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ATTENTION! Innovative mini cranes Jekko (Italy), truck and trailer cranes KLAAS (Germany) - new equipment from Interbudtechnica! See our catalogue of equipment!

“Interbudtechnica” company (Kyiv) being the official representative of CIFA (Italy), which makes the part of CIFA-ZOOMLION Group - the world-known manufacturer - for more than 10 years offers for selling:

  • portable concrete pumps with theoretical output from 30 till 136 m3/h;
  • truck-mounted concrete boom pumps with the length of the boom from 20 till 58 metres;
  • truck-mounted concrete boom pumps – CARBOTECH series - with the length of the boom from 39 till 80 metres;
  • truck mixers with capacity from 7 till 12 m3;
  • truck mounted mixer pumps “Magnum” with the length of the boom from 20 till 32 metres and mixer capacity till 9m3;
  • self-climbing hydraulic stationary booms and manual planetary booms for frame-rise building;
  • batching plants;
  • formworks for every type of tunnel, tunnel equipment;
  • original spare parts for each type of pumps.

We have always available at stock in Kiev starting mixture for concrete pumps LEYCO-SLICK, Germany – material for starting up the pumps and lubrication of pipeline walls.

Since 2017 the company "Interbudtehnika" (Kiev) is the official representative of the company Jekko S.p.A (Italy).

Jekko is a world leading manufacturer of minicranes with more than 45 years of experience in the lifting and handling sector. The company is headquartered in the province of Treviso, occupying a 17,000 sq. m. industrial estate – 7,000 of which are indoors. The entire range of Jekko minicranes is exported and traded all over the world.
Jekko products are engineered to meet customers’ specific requirements and are designed to operate in narrow places where space is restricted. Depending on the model, their compact size allows passage through a standard or double doorway. But their modest weight and slim dimensions come with no compromise to lifting capacity or working range, resulting in substantial operational benefits both indoors and outdoors.
Jekko offers a complete line of models equipped with diesel engine, electric motor or battery pack and a wide range of attachments including hook or hydraulic jibs, grabber manipulators for pipes and beams, vacuum lifters for glass panes as well as lifting beams. All tools are fully integrated with the functions and safety devices of the base machine. Jekko has always invested in R&D, safety and compliance with all relevant regulations – in particular with the EN 13000 standard – to offer its customers innovative and safe products.

Since 2017 Interbudtechica (Kiev city) is the representative of the company KLAAS (Germany) - the world-famous manufacturer of truck cranes, trailer cranes, truck-mounted platforms, truck-mounted fire-fighting platforms, ladder hoists - with the history of more than 80 years. KLAAS products, manufactured on modern equipment, meet all European standards of quality and safety and are exported all over the world.

"Interbudtechnica" company offers:

  • KLAAS truck cranes with maximum load capacity up to 5000/6000 kg and maximum lifting height up to 50 m mounted on 2/3 axle chassis.
  • KLAAS trailer cranes with maximum load capacity up to 1500 kg and maximum lift height up to 33 m.

KLAAS cranes are used during installation, dismantling and repair of roofs, facades (installation of glass, sandwich panels, insulation of buildings, etc.); at house and cottage building (for lifting of building materials: roof tile, roofing felt, brick, etc., for lifting people and equipment).

O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO S.a.S. was founded in 1971 by the VICARIO brothers, who already had more than a decade of experience making lifting equipment and cement mixers.
The new company initially operated out of a 2000 m² plant, and the quality of its machines and favorable economic trends allowed it to grow considerably and succeed on the domestic and international markets.
In 1973 the company’s continuing growth led to acquisition of a large industrial area near Gattico, where the company now has 50,000 m² of land.
In 1980 O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO became a joint-stock company.
In 1992 the company opened a centre for resale and rental of quality construction equipment alongside its production facility to offer customers a complete service.
Vicario cranes have always been appreciated for their quality and efficiency, and their quality has been improved over the years as progress has been made in design tools and the company has located partners guaranteeing more and more accurate working processes.
O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO S.p.A. products are now exported and appreciated all over Europe.

LOCATELLI CRANE S.r.l. is the first Italian Company manufacturer of telescopic hydraulic cranes and specialized in the production of rough terrain cranes, ranging from 12,5 through 75 metric ton capacity as well as city cranes 20 ton capacity, with a great choice of options for different applications.

The Locatelli cranes are planned, constructed and tested in respect the constructive parameters all over the world, always using the most advanced technologies.

The success of Locatelli cranes is based in their reliability, high performance level and low maintenance costs as a result of high quality components, no compromise in construction and long experience of specialized manufacturing.

The factory-manufacturer Uelzener (Germany) as machine-building plant was founded in 1883 and manufacture of machinery for screed, plastering, mortar pumps from developed since 1953 and today holds its active position worldwide through the use of high quality materials, constant development of technologies, mandatory testing and simplicity in operation equipment Uelzener (Germany).
Our company, offering such equipment on the market of Ukraine for 10 years as an official dealer of the plant Uelzener (Germany), provides warranty and post-warranty service, delivery of spare parts and components throughout the territory of Ukraine. Our service carries out installation and familiarize the staff with the rules of use and maintenance of equipment Uelzener (Germany), and also provides any technical consultations in remote mode in case of emergency.

LEYCOCHEM LEYDE (Germany) is well known European producer of materials used for protection and cleaning of the concrete equipment, concrete plants, etc from adhesion of residual deposits of concrete, mortar fuels and lubrications.

“Interbudtechnica” company (Kyiv) has been supplying into Ukrainian market from 2003 year:

  • highly reliable, qualitative and practical NEW & Used concrete equipment manufactured by CIFA (Italy), company which makes part of CIFA-ZOOMLION Group - world-known manufacturer - portable concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, truck mixers, truck mounted mixer pumps Magnum, underground concrete machinery, formworks for every type of tunnel and tunnel equipment which covers all stages of tunnel construction.